Bat Dog's Forever Home

"Bat Dog was different, she wasn't the same...

Not her ears, her fur, or even her name!"


Bat Dog is a lonely lurcher, looking for a home. Tired of watching her friends enjoy play time and cuddles with their families, one day Bat Dog decides to find a forever home of her own. Unfortunately, it's not quite as easy as she expected! She tries a tickly field and a rather damp shed - but they're just not quite right. Eventually, though, someone comes to her rescue...


Bat Dog's Forever Home is a poetic, heart-warming story. It celebrates the love and joy that all dogs - but especially rescue dogs - bring to their families. And Bat Dog proves that, no matter what you look like, someone out there will think your imperfections are wonderful.


10% of profits in 2017 will go to the National Animal Welfare Trust.

Bat Dog's Forever Home