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Macbeth Quote Cards

For KS3 - KS5


72 cards in a pack, 30 packs in a class set


Class Set 30 packs - £69.99 (was £144)

Individual Pack - £4.99 (was £12.99)

"I just wanted to let you know that over the last couple of days I have used the Macbeth Quote Cards in a number of ways with my year 11s and they absolutely love them! Kids who had no capacity to retain quotations are now showing signs of being able to and are gaining confidence. Thank you so much!"

R. Brown, Samuel Ward Academy

Our Class Sets are now available,
containing 30 packs, plus a poster for just £69.99 instead of £144!



Designed by an English teacher with 20 years' experience, Quote Cards:


  • Aid engagement with complex texts

  • Help students to visualise character, plot, theme, and context

  • Save teachers a lot of time: ready-made resources that are good-to-go

  • Can form the basis of many different lessons across year groups and abilities

  • Are suitable from KS3 up to A-Level

What can you do with a pack of Quote Cards?

Different Ways To Use (Macbeth).jpg

Match the image to the quote

Different Ways To Use (Macbeth)2.jpg

Sort quotes by character, theme, or context

Different Ways To Use (Macbeth)3.jpg

Put quotes in chronological order

Different Ways To Use (Macbeth)4.jpg

Guess the quote simply by looking at the image

Different Ways To Use (Macbeth)5.jpg

Analyse the images alongside the quotes

Lady Macbeth,
Act I, Scene 5

Ambition for

Macbeth to

become King

Serpent imagery:

sly, deceitful


Garden of Eden, Religion, Divine Right of Kings

And lots more! Each pack comes with a downloadable instruction leaflet with ideas for using the cards in class
or for individual revision.

Which Designs Are Available?

Available Designs

We're thrilled to say that our Macbeth packs are available as both printed packs and digital downloads.


Which Designs Are Coming Soon?

Coming Soon

We're aiming to release at least five new designs each academic year, and they won't just be limited to Shakespeare. We'll be giving you Quote Card packs for plays, novels, and poems.


To be the first to know when our new packs are released,

and get all the best special offers:

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