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Pleased to meet you...!

Well, this is all very exciting! Today the Bewick Press website went live, closely followed by our Facebook and Twitter feeds, so we thought it was about time we introduced ourselves...

The name Bewick Press was dreamed up about five years ago by our director Cara and her lovely assistants (who go by the names of Mum and Dad). Bewick is a type of swan and Cara grew up on a street called Swan Grove. The Bewick swan* is also known for being small but mighty, which we think is kind of perfect!

A family project, Bewick Press revolves around a shared love of children’s books. Our goal is to grow lists that feature young adult titles, illustrated picture books, and middle-grade fiction. And we’ll be kicking off with a story that’s close to all of our hearts: a beautifully illustrated children's book called Bat Dog’s Forever Home. We’ll be writing another post soon to reveal some more details, so stay tuned for that! But, in the meantime, please do check out our lovely website and, if you’re an author or an illustrator, we’re currently open for submissions so get in touch at

Team Bewick x

* We believe it’s technically the ‘Bewick’s swan’. To keep things simple we dropped the apostrophe and the 's', but we promise we won’t make a habit of ignoring apostrophes - they are very important!

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