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A big crowdfunding thank you

It's been almost four weeks since we started our Bat Dog's Forever Home crowdfunding project and, quite frankly, we've been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm shown by family, friends and dog-lovers.

We were expecting, at this stage, to be on our 'final count-down'. But - thanks to the folks at Crowdfunder -we've been granted an extension, which means we have two weeks to go and all still to play for!

Where are we now?

As I write this, we've reached an astonishing £4,500, which is 58% of our target! A grand total of 152 backers have helped us get this far and it really makes us a bit emotional to think that so many people believe in Bat Dog and want to see it succeed.

In the beginning, we thought it might be difficult to maintain the momentum - thinking of new ways to promote the campaign and spread the word - but the more people pledge, the more determined we're becoming to reach our goal. So if you've pledged, or shared, or even just looked at the Crowdfunder page and thought 'boy, that's neat' - thank you! You're the people spurring us on and you are wonderful!

What's been going on 'behind the scenes'?

Those of you who pledged way back in October might be wondering what's been happening all this time. Well, unfortunately it's not just a case of sitting back and watching the pledgers find us! Some of the many things we've tried include:

  • furiously hashtagging on Twitter

  • running Facebook Ads

  • creating new rewards

  • spreading the word to our email networks

  • contacting charities/bloggers/dog-lovers

  • sending out press releases... and more!

What next?

We have two weeks to raise the remaining 42% of our total: £3,200. Honestly, we just don't know if we'll make it. But we are crossing our fingers, toes, and paws - and working our little socks off - in the hope that we will!

Biggest of thanks...

We are super grateful to everyone who has pledged, whether it was £5 or £500. We know that pennies are often tight these days and, really, all we can say is thank you and we hope you love your rewards when you receive them!

We also need to thank three amazing charities who have gone the extra mile in helping us promote Bat Dog. They are: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, Accolade Hounds, and All Dogs Matter. The pic below is one that OAS took of their gorgeous kittens reading Bat Dog's Forever Home and we just think it's the cutest thing ever!

Bow vector in first image courtesy of: <a href="">Designed by Freepik</a>

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